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Health is Wealth !!


All the orginal sized products.


For individuals SERIOUS to start that new life in aiding their own health, formulating a easy system and allowing the swiftness and ease of consuming and applying MaramaTuku - In your life.


Cleanse - Rebuild - Support and THRIVE!!!


Seamoss- 750g Jar

Shilajit- 40g Pot

Magnesium Spray- 250ml Bottle

Kawakawa- 250g Pot


My intention apon producing these products was to help cure asthma, Eczema and hay fever. As I was born and lived with these chronic conditions.

Now understanding the cause and effect of this rapid condition.

Have formulated these products specifically for asthma, Eczema and hay fever.

However also aiding many other health conditions.


I personally take all of these....


My routine is





I take 3 tbsp of Seamoss with water ( i take a spoonfull of seamoss and chase it with coconut water x3)

I then put less a pea size of Shilajit into a cup with hot boiling water- allow it to dissolve. And then skull it back like a shot.

I rub my body down with Kawakawa Butter and spray my face with Magensium Spray.


Afternoon (12pm)-


I take another drink of Shilajit.


After Dinner or before bed.


I have 3 tbsps of Seamoss chasing it with water or coconut water.

I rubb my bondy with Kawakawa and spray my feet with Magnesium Spray.


If you work out-

I would recommend taking 2 tbsp of Seamoss before and after with still and purified water

Wealth Kit

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