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This Pocket Sized Magnesium Spray - would carry in my bag. For moments those moments that you need to relax. or travel with me for the kids.


Magnesium Spray

Magnesium, Almond Oil, Lavender 


What is Magnesium??

Third most important mineral needed for your health and body to function at its optimum.

Magnesium is also known as an electrolyte- Living particle of what makes up a cell.
Magnesium is a mineral already present in the bones of our physical body.

Muscle relaxant. Anti- Inflammatory Spray.


Purpose and Benefits

Magnesium is responsible for the electrical activity in the heart and the brain.

Supports with more than 300 Co-factors within the body. 


Is to support the nervous system.

Supports muscle development.

To produce Protein, Bone and DNA 

Vital component in skincare. 


Improve constant sleeping patterns.

Used as a natural deodorant

Used for panic attacks / anxiety attacks.

Used for menstrual cycle

Support the immune system

Keeps Blood sugar and blood pressure at a balanced level

Supports the circulation of melatonin

Supports the skin from external damage.

Regulates cell regeneration and repair.

Protects and supports the growth of hair. 

Moisturising and soothing skin, allowing the skin to glow.


Supports Memory

Supports Heart health


How to apply,

Spray and massage as many times on your face and or body including bottom of feet as many times as needed.

Store In fridge

Pocket Sized- Magnesium Spray 60ml

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