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KID KIT - Formulated together to help aid indivduals of any age and size and condition. 


These are Half sized - of the orginal products.


My intention was to provide products for kids. However this can be accessible to all walks of life. For their own individual needs.


Seamoss 400g Jar

Magnesium Spray - 60ml

Kawakawa Butter- 100g Pot


Seamoss can be added to Childs meal- smoothie or taken as is.

Taken once a day.

Supports clearing out the body of toxicans causing Eczema, Hay fever and Asthma.


Kawakawa Butter to be appiled whenever needed.

Used for eczema and supports production of healthy skin whilst also creating a barrier.


My intention apon producing these products was to help cure asthma, Eczema and hay fever. As I was born and lived with these chronic conditions.

Now understanding the cause and effect of this rapid condition.

Have formulated these products specifically for asthma, Eczema and hay fever.

However also aiding in many other health conditions along the way.



Add (Once a day- minimum) the seamoss in the childs food - you cant taste it and they cant see it.

You just want to get it into their system. so it can do what it does. 


Magnesium Spray.....

Spray the Magnesium spray either on their face, body or feet- whenever you want. This will relax their nervous system IMMEDIATLY.

I personally mix it in with the kawakawa butter (one spray) in the hand - and then rubb it into my sons feet and his back. 


Kawakawa Butter...

Kawakawa butter- is a barrier- use twice a day- ALL over the body and face.

Kid Kit

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