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Kawakawa has 2 active chemical compounds:

Myristicin is psychoactive and anti-inflammatory, which means that it removes toxic inflammatory chemicals such as nitric oxides in human cells.

Diayangambin is an immunosuppressant. This means it is a useful treatment for autoimmune disorders, where the body's immune system attacks the body's own useful, living tissue.

High levels of Vitamin C



Is used in many ways, including as a topical balm

To soothe eczema,

Aids Boils, 

Aids Bites, 

Aids Stings and grazes,

As well as to relieve toothache,

Soothes Gastrointestinal discomfort


Genitourinary problems.

Aids all types of Inflammation. 

Provides relief for muscles, aches and pains. 


How to use

Use on any area or surface of the skin. 

Kawakawa (Shea Butter) with seamoss and magnesium.

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