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Benefits / Effects 


Full of antioxidants

Antioxidants- Helps fight reactive chemicals in our body, these reactive chemicals break down organic compounds- we need organic compounds .

Fights free radicals- and the damage they cause our cells

Large amounts of potassium 

Potassium- What does potassium do?

-Supports Kidney function- How??

*Removes waste and extra fluid from your body. 

*Removes acid.

*Supports balance of water, salts and minerals in your blood. 

-Supports Heart Function

-Supports Muscle Contraction

-Supports Nerve to nerve communication.

Essential minerals Include-

Vitamin C Calcium Vitamin B Magnesium

Iron Vitamin D Cobalamin Vitamin A

Supports muscle contraction

Tightening and shortening of the muscle.

Improves healthy levels of blood pressure

Pressure of the blood against the walls of our blood vessels. Supports the flow to organs and tissues.

Reduces belly fat.

Increases metabolism

Is the process where the body changes food and drink into energy.

Supports healthy hormones

Hormones are the chemicals in your body that coordinate different functions in your body.

By carrying messages through your blood to your organs, skin, muscles and tissues.

Great source of live bacteria (Probiotics)

Micro-organisms introduced to the body for its benefits.

Healthy viruses

Healthy bacteria 

Healthy fungi  

Balances health gut.

Supports the healthy balance of the gut.

Supports antibacterial compounds.

Disinfectant for the body.

Supports sebum production.

Supports the skin from not breaking down and drying out. 

Supports the cleaning and unclogging of the skin.

Advances the healthy production of skin.

Promotes hair growth

Supporting sebum production is improving hair growth.

Supports brain function- Creating instant mood booster.

Supports overall balance for the delivery of blood, oxygen and energy circulating around the body- improves instant mood booster.

Supports healthy sleeping


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